Why We Love Wesley

Why We Love Wesley

We asked some Wesley students what they love about Wesley. We heard a lot about teachers, the Chinese program, the library...and recess! 

"What I like about going to Wesley International Academy is I get to make new friends and learn new things. I also have a brother that goes to this school and he supports me," said Zuri, who is in 3rd grade and has been going to Wesley since she was in Kindergarten.

Another 3rd grader, Tyler, told us his favorite subject is math because he has grown so much in that subject and has seen his hard work reflected in his Family Report, which makes him proud.

Katie told us her favorite subject is Reading because she loves seeing the stories on the page and exploring new things. Also in her fourth year at Wesley, she says, "something I really love to do each year is Field Day because each class in your grade gets to compete in fun challenges."

Hear more directly from these students about why they love Wesley in the two adorable videos below!