What Makes a Student Principled?

What Makes a Student Principled?

Each month, Wesley teachers focus on one of the ten IB traits in their classrooms. We celebrate that trait by recognizing two Phoenix of the Month nominees from each class. Teachers recognize a student who excelled in the trait of the month. A random raffle chooses a winner from each grade. The whole process gives the opportunity to highlight the successes of students who are embodying what it means to be an IB learner.

In August, teachers nominated PRINCIPLED students. To embody the IB trait of principled, students focus on acting with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness and justice, and with respect for the dignity and rights of people everywhere. Principled students take responsibility for their actions and their consequences.

Here is what teachers had to say about the principled winners for August. They showed how principled they are and were an example to other students. Great job, Wesley Phoenix of the month!

K: Jaden is an amazing student. He is helpful to his peers as well as his teacher. We can always count on Jaden to be a model student and an example for his classmates.

1st grade: Caleb is a model student when it comes to showing principled behavior! He holds his peers accountable for showing principled behavior too, but he does it in the kindest way.

2nd grade: Jayla is a kind and principled young lady. She acts with integrity even when those around her are not.

3rd grade: Drew is the exemplar of being principled

4th grade: Zeena is so polite and kind. She treats adults and peers with respect. In the hallways and cafeteria, she uses her inside voice and is respectful of students in classroom learning.

5th grade: Skylar comes ready to learn each day. She constantly exhibits the Phoenix Way... she's reflective, acts with integrity, shows empathy and concern for others, and serves our classroom community by helping to keep our classroom clean.

6th grade: While working on two of the projects that her classes had this month, Alon was very open and honest about the assistance she needed. The classmates who decided not to advocate for themselves needed more assistance on the assignment, while Alon made a 100 after getting clarification.

7th grade: Chynah always follows classroom procedures and participates with enthusiasm.

8th grade: Blake's always an example of a positive role model and completes his work on time.