Wesley Students Are Thrilled That Field Trips Are Back

Wesley Students Are Thrilled That Field Trips Are Back

Field trips are back in full swing. Wesley students have shown their excitement and are ready for the new adventures that await them. 

Last week, 7th Grade students were excited to venture out to Hampton to visit the Newman Wetland Center! They enjoyed learning about the different ecosystems and the animals that live there. Throughout their visit, they were guided through the habitats while learning more about what the animals ate and their behavioral patterns.

The students also got the opportunity to get their hands on pH equipment to learn more about how it relates to discoveries in environmental science and what those discoveries mean. 

Once they were finished with their outdoor guided tour of the wetlands, they visited an indoor exhibit of more animals where they were able to get a closer look into what the animals looked like and where they could be found in their natural habitat. They also had common minerals and rocks of the area on a display where the students could study them. 

Kindergarten classes also got to go on a field trip recently to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The students were in awe of the many types of flora as they walked through the gardens. They enjoyed posing with the seasonal pumpkin and gourd display that the garden had put together for the holidays. Ms. Sanders and 

These two field trips are glimpses of the learning experiences that the students are able to do now. Wesley will continue to explore the many learning opportunities that surround Atlanta. 

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