Wesley Safe and Healthy

Wesley Safe and Healthy

We have missed our students, staff, and families, and we are happy to welcome our in-person learning students back into the building. Health and safety remain top priorities as we return to school. Below are more details on how we are protecting each other as we return and the resources available to you.

Please take a look at our Fall 2021 Opening Update to see the continuing strategies we are implementing to continue to see safe and successful in-person learning.

Stay Informed

Please watch the replay of our parent townhall with Dr. Christa-Marie Singleton, MD, MPH, from the CDC about COVID and vaccinations.

Weekly Updates

We are continuing to provide a weekly COVID update on Fridays to keep our community up-to-date on the number of confirmed positive cases. You can also find these numbers each week on the Health & Wellness page of our website.

Daily Self-Screening

We ask you to think through the daily screening questions each day before entering the building. We must work together to keep everyone healthy and safe. If you answer yes to any of the screening checklist questions, please stay home and communicate with the school. Students will have their temperature taken every time they enter the building as well to assist with self-screening.

Decisions About Returning to the Building

To keep all our staff and students safe, we've created a decision tree to help you know when it's safe to attend or return to school. Please note all students or parents who have entered the building and who have had an exposure need to complete our Self-Report Form.

Weekly Rapid Testing

As we monitor the news on the Delta variant and in an effort to prevent any large-scale breakouts or shutdowns at Wesley, we are offering a weekly COVID screening for all students. Please see this consent form for your child(ren) to be tested. The consent is good for twelve months, so you only need to submit it once for your child to be a part of the screenings weekly.

We are partnering with Viral Solutions for weekly screenings that are:

  • free to students and staff
  • quick and painless, swabbing only at the tip of the nose
  • fast results in 15 minutes

People who are infected with COVID-19 but have no symptoms (asymptomatic) don’t know that they are infected and can unknowingly spread the virus to others. People who are infected with COVID-19 and haven’t yet started having symptoms (pre-symptomatic) are highly contagious and can spread the virus easily.

Routine testing allows us to identify those infected early, so they can begin to quarantine in isolation immediately and therefore prevent spreading the virus and making other students or staff sick.

As such, individuals who screen positive on the rapid antigen test will be immediately informed that they are positive and removed from school to begin quarantine. Today, Wesley had three community members test positive in our first week of testing.

This testing program is an ongoing process and only works when a large number of people are tested on a regular basis (in this case, weekly). The more people who consent to testing, the larger the impact it has on stopping the spread.

This test is happening weekly on Mondays at 10:30 am. Students and parents are immediately notified of a positive result. Due to the number of students being tested, we will not notify families of negative results. We encourage you to sign your child up for our weekly screening test at tinyurl.com/healthywesley. If you have any questions, please reach out to your academy administrator.

Viral Solutions has provided some answers to their most commonly asked questions: click here. You can also view this 2-minute video that demonstrates the test. 

At-Home Testing

The Fulton County Board of Health is inviting residents in target zip codes to join the Say Yes! COVID Test At-Home Testing Challenge, which provides households with access to free, rapid COVID-19 test kits that they can self-administer. Say Yes! COVID Test encourages residents to use the tests twice a week, regardless of symptoms, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep the community healthy.  

“Children, adolescents, and adults who are not yet fully vaccinated or at high risk need more accessible tools to inform their choices. Free, rapid, self-administered testing will give community members one more way to help reduce the spread of COVID-19,” said Lynn Paxton, MD, MPH, District Health Director with the Fulton County Board of Health. “Anyone can just swab the front of their nose and perform this test in the privacy of their home and have results within 10 minutes.” 
The COVID-19 tests are authorized for use by the FDA, provided free of charge, and the entire testing process can be managed privately at home. Tests require a quick swab inside each nostril, and results can be read in just 10 minutes. A free, private, and easy-to-use mobile application are available to help individuals in every step of test-taking. The maker of the tests, Quidel, is the same company that made the first rapid flu tests used by doctors’ offices in the United States. 

Test users who choose to use the companion digital assistant to record and share their test results and complete a survey can earn up to $35 in gift cards. Fulton County residents can log on to Home - Say Yes! To Covid Test to learn more about the program and order test kits for doorstep delivery.

What happens when someone tests positive?

Community members identified as having had close contact with the COVID-positive individuals were immediately notified and quarantined based on guidance from the GA Department of Public Health. This targeted, quick-response strategy is our ongoing plan for positive COVID cases. For privacy protection, we will never release the names of those who test positive.

Wesley is adhering to the following quarantining and close contact guidelines as set forth by both the district and public health officials. Additionally, close contacts are identified as those in close contact within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms. 

If your child does need to be quarantined, we will provide daily assignments during their absence. Assignments can be accessed by Google Classroom or packets that can be picked at school. If your child has a sibling at Wesley, please let us know, and we will send assignments home with them.

Upcoming Vaccine Clinics

Vaccines will be administered in partnership with Georgia CORE and the Fulton County Board of Health. Wesley offered a free Vaccine Clinic for all staff and students ages 12 and up in September. We also know that vaccination is another key tool in our fight against COVID. Our staff is nearing 90% of full vaccination, and we hope that others will take part in this upcoming clinic. Parents and caregivers, while we cannot offer you a vaccine at our on-site clinic, we encourage you to final a local vaccine option. An important way to protect the children in our care and community is by increasing the number of vaccinated adults.  

We will update information here about future vaccine clinics.

  • Consent forms – Physical copies of the consent form must be completed by a parent/guardian in order for a student under 18 to be vaccinated. Please download the consent form, print it out, sign, and bring it to school. You can find it here: English & Spanish
  • Emergency Use Authorization –  The Vaccine clinics will administer the Pfizer vaccine.  Please view the emergency use authorization form here: English & Spanish