Wesley Goes Back to School Virtually on August 4

Wesley Goes Back to School Virtually on August 4

With the surge of new cases in Atlanta, Fulton County, and Georgia, it is imperative to exercise caution and decrease the risk of exposure to all members of our beloved Wesley community. Therefore, Wesley will open in a full virtual model for all students starting Tuesday, August 4. The expectations and rigor will mirror face-to-face instruction as much as possible through the use of Google Classroom.

During the week of October 5, Wesley administration will reevaluate the situation, as well as digest any information provided from local, state, and public officials. If it is determined that we can return to the building in either a traditional or hybrid model, the change will be implemented when returning from Fall Break the week of October 19. You can read the entire Wesley Reopening Plan here.

We are excited to announce that Wesley will be providing a laptop to every Wesley student this year! Last spring, we had one per family available, but we are offering additional devices this fall so every student will have technology access. Also, for students in grades K-2, we have acquired more developmentally appropriate touch-screen Chromebooks for them to use going forward. We are so grateful to our Wesley community for donating to the Red Thread fund, which has made this expanded technology access possible for all our students.

We have set aside time for your child to meet their teacher in a socially distanced environment. During those meetings, students will be able to pick up their issued laptops. (If your 1st or 2nd grader has a Wesley laptop from last year, please plan to return it to the school when picking up the new device.) You can see Meet and Greet information on the calendar.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work together for all our students, families, and staff during this time.