Teacher Feature: Jerry Williams

Photo of teacher Jerry Williams

Jerry Wiliams, who teaches Kindergarten at Wesley says, “I stay because I just love these little people.” Though he graduated with a degree in Early Childhood education, he worked outside of the classroom for ten years, including time in Higher Education at Clark Atlanta University. Since coming to Wesley in 2017, he says he has developed a love for the diverse students and families at the school.

As a Kindergarten teacher, Mr. Williams sees so many moments when a student really “gets it.” “The best moments,” he reminisces, “are when students have mastered identifying alphabet letters and sounds, and that light clicks where they are able to put those sounds together and read words!” 

Mr. Williams says he wants his students to know when they leave his classroom that someone loves them and he’ll always see them as his babies. Thank you, Mr. Williams, for creating such a positive environment for our students to learn and grow!