Staff Feature: Jatoyia Armour

Photo of teacher Jerry Williams

“Many students don’t know exactly what I do, but they know I am the Data Lady,” laughs Jatoyia Armour. She is the Instructional Coach for MYP teachers and the IB (International Baccalaureate) Coordinator. This vital role serves all teachers and subjects. “Although I do not have a position that directly works with students,” she says, “I love that my work touches all students in the classroom—which has become more satisfying than any other opportunity. Knowing that the learning experience for all MYP students has been enhanced due to a professional development I gave or a resource I have instituted is the highlight of my job!”

Armour always knew she wanted to be in education and worked toward this dream early in life with a teacher apprenticeship in 11th grade and as a member of Future Educators of America. “These programs helped me realize my passion is for older students such as in Middle and High School,” she says. Her journey to Wesley was inspired by the desire to work at a school that would “offer the best to students of all colors and give its teachers the flexibility to give students what they need.” After working in different public districts, she came to Wesley as an 8th grade Math Teacher. She says she felt like it was fate that the opening was for her favorite subject and grade to teach and at Wesley she found her new home. “The students were eager to learn, and the staff felt like family,” she remembers. “I knew it was the perfect fit for me.”

She loves the opportunity to grow she has found at Wesley. She has had chances for professional development and says Wesley offers opportunities to teachers to improve their craft and to grow within their careers. She loves pouring into teachers at Wesley through her current role and says, “I hope teachers walk away with one thing they can take back to the students in their classroom. I give my teachers a lot of information, resources, and suggestions. If teachers just take one thing and run with it, I know I have done my job and changed instruction at Wesley for the better!”

Her role creates change that allows teachers to better manage their classrooms and students to better master the content they are learning. Ms. Armour remembers a time when she was suggested to a teacher whose class she was observing that guided notes could help students keep up with the material being taught in class. She recalls that “the very next day, he created notes for the rest of the week! He came to me later and said that the change really helped the students in the classroom.”

She also sees the impact her role has on students directly, saying her favorite time of the year is after testing. “Students search for me to get an update on their progress—or to boast about their progress,” she says. “A student came to me during a teacher observation and asked, ‘What do I need to do to make my scores go up?’ Having that type of impact without being a homeroom teacher is mind-blowing! My babies care about data!”

Thank you, Ms. Armour, for strengthening Wesley’s classrooms and helping all MYP teachers and students succeed!