Teacher Feature: Emily Wetzlar

Photo of teacher Emily Wetzlar
Photo of teacher Emily Wetzlar

Emily Wetzlar began teaching at Wesley last year in the midst of the pandemic. She had moved to Atlanta just as COVID hit, so she started out teaching virtually as the 8th grade ELA teacher. “I love the community among teachers that provide support for new teachers,” says Wetzlar. “I also enjoy the International Baccalaureate approach to learning which makes my approach to content more engaging.”

Her teaching journey began as an Elementary teacher, but she loves the way middle-grade students can do more discussion and self-directed learning, which she also sees in the IB approach to learning at Wesley. Having worked in a 6th-grade setting and with ESOL students, she realized she wanted to focus on helping students develop language. This discovery led her to get her Master’s in Advanced Instructional Studies.

We thought we had lost Wetzler at the end of the 2020-21 school year! Originally from Zimbabwe, she had hoped to continue working in the United States, but had to get a petition in and approved before she could work again at Wesley. After months of waiting, her paperwork came through in July. A 7th-grade position was open, so she came back with a running start! She now teaches 7th Grade Individuals and Societies. “I love teaching my students about different cultures and how different countries govern themselves,” says Wetzler.

“I really appreciate the community of teachers here and how there is cross-curriculum collaboration,” Wetzlar says of the difference she notices between education in the U.S. and Zimbabwe. “No matter where you go, kids want to learn.” She is excited about the new year and wants students who leave her class to walk away with a curiosity to learn and a broader view of the world and different cultures. “I hope that they can be well-rounded individuals,” she says and hopes to see students take interest in others’ backgrounds and ask appropriate questions. We’re glad Ms. Wetzler is on our MYP team!