Dive Into Books of Your Choice This Summer!

Dive Into Books of Your Choice This Summer!

Summer is here and it is time to relax with summer reading. The Phoenix Rising is a literary theme that symbolizes hope, renewal, and progress. Students can choose their own books that fall within this theme, while we've offered you suggestions for students by age to get you started. When children choose their own books they have a higher rate of completion, enjoyment, and probability of reading again for pleasure.

Students are asked to record their summer reading on the “Summer Reading Record” which is included in the summer reading guide you can download below. A completed record, including a parent signature, should be returned to your child’s homeroom teacher on the first day of school.

Get all the summer reading details and get started enjoying some amazing stories! (Download as printable PDF).

If you're looking for some more summer resources, check out these great local summer-reading challenges and incentives.

As you dive into summer reading, remember Wesley is looking for PYP and MYP participants for our 2021-22 Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Club. Check out the summer reading bowl pack from Little Shop of Stories to get a head start. Any students rising into grades 4-8 who are interested in joining the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Literary Club should reach out to Mrs. Tomlin for the packet of information and book list. Mrs. Tomlin will be the head PYP coach and Mrs. Fetiere (formerly Swain) will be the head MYP coach.