Our 2022 Wesley Graduates

Our 2022 Wesley Graduates

We are so proud of our Wesley graduates this year!

The Class of 2022 overcame many obstacles in the last two years to get here. They took a well-deserved walk through the younger hallways this week. Way to go, graduating 8th graders!



Our fifth-grade classes stepped up to Middle Years this week. As these hard-working students enter middle school, we know bright things are ahead for them. Let's go, Class of 2025. We can't wait to see what the next three years bring for you.

Finally, our Class of 2030 stepped up to 1st grade this week! These Kindergarteners stepped into the hallways earlier this year for the first time, and have gained such confidence as they've learned through the year. They've grown so much.



To all of our graduates, we couldn't be more proud! Way to go, Wesley Phoenix!