On December 3 We Will Move Together

On December 3 We Will Move Together

This year, we are celebrating our third annual Movember fall fundraiser! Due to the pandemic, previous Movembers were held virtually over the month of November. Not this year… 

This year’s Movember will be held on Saturday, December 3, at Wesley so we can move TOGETHER as one community in support of our school!

Here’s how this year’s Movember will work: 

  1. Register! Each interested participant should register through the link below to join their grade-appropriate team. 
  2. Fundraise! Start fundraising between now and December 3 to help your team reach its goal of $2,000. All participants can create a personalized fundraising page to share with friends and family - be creative and share your Why for Wesley. This handy fundraising guide will walk you through step-by-step to get you started and be successful. 
  3. Let’s see what grade can raise the most! At Wesley, we love friendly competition! So, let’s see which grade can raise the most money! There will be prizes for the top two fundraising individuals (one in PYP and one in MYP) and for the top PYP and top MYP grade level, which raises the most! 
  4. Move! Come to Wesley on Saturday, December 3, to walk/run with your friends, teachers, and family. 

Students, teachers, staff, parents—anyone who wants to move in support of and with Wesley—sign up today! Registration is free. How many students from each grade level will you sign up this week?!?

Why are we raising funds? What will the funds support?

As a public charter school, Wesley receives funding from the state; however, it is often not enough to meet the needs of its students. Funds from this Movember will support the launch of STEM programming and additional resources used to provide more robust social-emotional programming that will prime its students to become the next generation of leaders. 

More information is available on the Movember page on the Wesley website. It's your one-stop place for all the Movember updates you need. So, sign up. Share your fundraising page with as many people as possible. Then, get ready to run. Wesley, let's go!

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