Jiayou! Wesley Comes in 2nd at Dragon Boat Festival

Jiayou! Wesley Comes in 2nd at Dragon Boat Festival

The overcast skies couldn't deter Team Wesley. Our staff prepared hard and showed up ready for the 25th Anniversary Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival at Lake Lanier Olympic Venue. 

This year's event organizers said they expected to see about 80 teams and 10,000 spectators. Teams are made up for 20 paddlers in a slim, 39-foot teakwood or fiberglass Dragon Boat. The paddlers row in rhythm to a drummer's beat. A steerer guides the entire team as they stay in rhythm.

Wesley Chinese Department Chair Anthony Chung said he wanted to express his gratitude to the Wesley family for all their support. "We won second place in the recreational division," he said, noting they were only 0.236 seconds behind the winning team!

He also wanted to extend a big thank you "to the team members who demonstrate competitiveness, good fellowship, and commitment from the beginning to the end. It is simply a solid and strong team.

Jiayou, Team Wesley! Congratulations to: Ms. Tomlin, Ms. Cainion, Ms. Spann, Ms. Sanders, Ms. Fetiere, Ms. Haymore, Ms. Wetzler, Ms. Douglas, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Pruss, Mr. Harris, Mr. R. Smith, Mr. D. Smith, Mr. Finney, Mr. Pavone, Mr. Cooley, Mr. Bailey, and Mr. Chung. 

Check out more photos of the event in the gallery below: