Half Way Through MOVEmber!

photo of children running with "Save the Date" written

We're halfway through MOVEmber - can you believe it? Our students and staff have been on the move. Keep up the good work!

A student and her brother are walking on a trail

We've made a lot of progress but still have a long way to go. 

Here's how we're doing mid-month:


  • Total Miles = 662
  • Miles to Get to Our Goal = 3,338


  • Total Fundraised = $4,005
  • Total to Reach Our Goal = $15,995

Remember with our triple match remember every dollar is tripled! 

Top Team MOVERs = We have three teams very close!!

  • 4th grade with 165 miles 
  • 6th with 153 mile 
  • 3rd grade with 137

Top Team Fundraisers

  • 3rd grade with $1,413
  • 6th grade currently in second place with $1,255

Top Individual MOVER

  • Ms. Cloyd with over 77 miles

Top Individual Fundraiser

  • Hamilton Dickey with $1338 

Keep up the good work! Log those miles, send us photos of your students on the move, and give, give, give. Every dollar turns into three and every bit goes toward our Red Thread commitment to community, equity, and inclusion.

Give Now!