2023 China Week is Coming…And China Night Returns!

2023 China Week is Coming…And China Night Returns!

It's almost China Week 2023!

It’s almost 2023, which means that Wesley is going to be celebrating China Week soon! China Week is our yearly tradition to reflect on and celebrate Chinese culture. At Wesley, students experience Chinese culture regularly through the use of language and IB traits. It is always special to take time each year to share more of the Chinese culture with our Wesley Families. 

China Night in 2020

In 2020, we celebrated China Night, the culminating event of China Week. We experienced the beauty of Chinese culture through performance arts such as when Kindergarten students sang “Niwana,” translating to Mud Doll, to showcase what they had been learning in the classroom. First-grade students also performed the song, DuShuLang, centered around school work ethic in Chinese culture. Wesley's students also showcased other performance art pieces such as the Dragon Dance, fan dances, and tai chi to the community. Watch a throwback to this fan dance that Wesley's students performed. 

2021 - China Week During the Pandemic

In 2021, Wesley pushed through the pandemic by delivering a virtual China Week courtesy of our Chinese Team. They put together several videos that explored traditional storytelling through the Story of Nian, common New Years greetings in the Chinese culture, what Red Envelopes mean on the night of Chinese New Year, how to cook dumplings, and other common Chinese New Year traditions. If you want to revisit those videos from 2021, click here

Chinese Celebration in 2022

In 2022, we celebrated the Year of the Tiger where students explored Chinese New Years’ Eve dinners, fireworks celebrations, the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, lucky fruits, and other traditions that students must know about Chinese New Year celebrations. 

China Night 2023: January 27

This year we are excited to announce that China Night will be held on Friday, January 27, 2023, at 6 pm. We will have our usual China Week starting on January 23, 2023.

Early Bird Tickets Available December 12

This year we are celebrating the Year of the Rabbit and we already have a lot of festivities planned for our staff, students, and parents. We will also hold an early bird special where Wesley Families can purchase tickets for the festivities starting on December 12, 2022.