Uniforms for the 2023-24 School Year

Uniforms are an indispensable feature of Wesley. They help to maintain an elevated standard of personal appearance, promote a dignified school climate, and foster school pride.

Beginning fall of 2023, all students in grades K-8 will wear GRAY polos. PYP and MYP students will be distinguished by different Wesley logos reflected on each shirt. Please take time to read over the 2023-24 uniform policy. As a reminder, Flynn O'Hara Uniforms will be our primary uniform vendor.  You can order online here or in-store at their Sandy Springs location:

(404) 260-7584

Parents will still have the option to purchase patches separately at the Wesley School Store. Please note, if you purchase polos directly from Flynn O’Hara, the patch will already be adhered to your child’s shirt. 

Outerwear Changes from Previous Years

Outerwear for inside of the building will consist of: Black V-Cardigan Sweater with embroidered logo (PYP Red logo, MYP White Logo), Black 1/4 zip fleece jacket with embroidered logo (PYP Red logo, MYP White Logo), and Black full-zip fleece jacket with embroidered logo (PYP Red logo, MYP White Logo).

Uniform Details for the 2023-24 School Year

Shirts Gray Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve Knit (Polo) Shirts with heat transferred logo PYP Red Logo, MYP White Logo Wesley Spirit Shirts (available in School Store)  
Bottoms Black Shorts: Pleated, Fashion Fit, or Flat Front Black Pants: Pleated, Fashion Fit, or Flat Front Slacks Black Skort Skirts: Black or Plaid Skirt available at approved vendor  
Layers Black V-Cardigan Sweater with embroidered logo (PYP Red logo, MYP White Logo) Spirit Sweatshirts: Black with printed Wesley - This Spirit Wear will be available for purchase at the Wesley school store and can be worn as part of uniforms.      
Jackets Black 1/4 zip fleece jacket with embroidered logo (PYP Red logo, MYP White Logo) Non-Wesley items are not permitted inside the building. Note: Students will not be permitted to wear hoodies of any kind inside the building beginning the 2023-24 school year.     
Accessories Solid Black Belt White or Black socks or leggings Closed toe, comfortable shoes *see note below  

Shoe Requirements

Closed-toe, comfortable shoes; Shoes must be appropriate for students to safely participate in physical activities (i.e. physical education classes, recess). The following shoes are not permitted: sandals, slides, Crocs, Uggs, slippers, heelies, light-up shoes, thigh-high boots, etc.  

boys shoes examples
girls shoes examples
Wesley International Academy reserves the right to determine whether certain clothing items, by appearance and style, fall beneath expected appearance standards.

For more information, please view Wesley's Uniform Policy.

General Considerations for All Students:

  • Daily compliance: Students must comply daily with all uniform components, including shoes, socks, belts, and sweaters.

  • Cleanliness: Uniforms should be neat and clean at all times.
  • Hair: Hair must be appropriately groomed so as to not cause a disruption or generate unnecessary attention during the school day. Barrettes and other hair accessories must be red, white, or black.
  • Makeup: Light makeup and light, clear, lip-gloss is permitted.
  • Jewelry: The only permissible accessories are earrings and watches. Both must be modest in appearance so as to not generate attention or cause a disruption within the school.
  • Confiscated Items: Accessories or articles of clothing found in violation of the Dress Code will be confiscated and will be returned to the parent or guardian.
  • All Students Must Be Appropriately Dressed: 

    • No open-toed shoes (see description above for shoes that are not allowed

    • Fingertip length still applies

    • No biker shorts, exercise pants, or leggings as a stand-alone clothing item

    • No midriff or backless tops

    • No inappropriate language or images

    • No ripped, torn, or see-through clothing

Official Vendors

Wesley uniforms are now available at our new vendor, Flynn O'Hara Uniforms. You can order online at https://flynnohara.com/ or in-store at their Sandy Springs location:    

6311 ROSWELL ROAD NE SANDY SPRINGS, GA 30328 (404) 260-7584 

See these flyers for more information:

School Store

Wesley PTSA runs an on-site School Store that sells uniform-approved t-shirts, hoodies, and more. Wesley's PTSA will sell uniform-approved items, including the new patches, at the school store. Note: The PTSA will not be able to adhere new patches to uniform items.

PTSA Used Uniform Sale

The Wesley PTSA holds Used Uniform Sales throughout the year and at PTSA meetings. All proceeds benefit the PTSA, which supports the Wesley school community.

If you can volunteer or want to donate gently used uniforms, contact ptsa@wesleyacademy.org.

Wesley Uniform Closet

We keep a variety of uniforms at the school in case of accident, illnesses, or for students who are out of uniform. If you have any uniforms to donate, please drop off anytime to the nurse’s office or email the PTSA at ptsa@wesleyacademy.org. Other items we accept are soap, deodorant, dental hygiene, and feminine hygiene products.


Determinations of hardship will be made on a case-by-case basis. Families who experience hardship may notify the school in person or in writing. When possible and related to circumstances, the school will make efforts to support the family in need. However, it remains the responsibility of the family to ensure that students are properly dressed each day.

Contact: Ms. Johnson

Uniform Violations

Wesley students must arrive and leave school properly attired. If a student arrives at school out of uniform, parents will be notified by 9:00 a.m. with a request to either pick the child up or to correct the infraction.

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