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We believe in nurturing the whole child.

Healthy kids are stronger students, and so at Wesley we prioritize the health, safety, and well-being of all our students.

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2022-23 Covid Protocols

Wesley will continue to follow the same protocols as the district. Masks will remain optional at Wesley International Academy.

We will continue offering COVID-19 testing once per week. Testing is now optional for all staff and students. Additionally, we have changed our time and procedure. Testing will now occur on Fridays after 1 pm.  A member of Viral Solutions will be coming around to each classroom and testing those who sign up outside the door. If you are interested in signing up, please do so on their website.

Wesley will continue to follow DPH Isolation and Quarantine guidelines. Wesley isolation and quarantine guidelines can be found on the Atlanta Public Schools website

Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 will need to follow isolation guidelines:

  • Individuals exposed to a positive COVID-19 should follow quarantine guidelines to determine whether they need to stay at home.
  • Close contacts who are unvaccinated, not up to date on their vaccines, and have COVID-19 exposure at school can test twice a week instead of being in quarantine at home.
  • Students and staff who test positive or have a COVID-19 exposure must complete a self-report form.

Wesley Families, please login to the Family Portal and visit the Health and Safety page to see more Health and Safety updates specifically for Wesley students and families.

Recess and Brain Breaks

Children have 20 minutes of outdoor recess each day, weather permitting. Teachers also incorporate “brain breaks” into the daily routine. These short activities allow students to dance, shake, and get the wiggles out in the classroom before settling in to focus on learning.

Physical Education

Students participate in P.E. weekly throughout the year. Our curriculum focuses on the benefits of an active lifestyle, age-appropriate exercise, participatory games, and physical skills and strength training.

Wesley also encourages students to participate in team sports or in school clubs that promote physical activity.

Nurse’s Office

Should a child become ill at school, our nurse is available to assess and care for students. The Nurse’s Office is also the contact for students who need to take medication during school hours.

Meal Program

We also promote student health through a nutritious meal program. All Wesley students are eligible to receive free breakfast and lunch meals. Students also have the option to receive meal kits that are distributed or delivered each Monday from 2:00-4:30 pm via traditional middle school bus route deliveries or via curbside pickup at  designated sites throughout the district zone.

School Safety

Wesley takes the safety of our students seriously. The school building is locked during school hours each day, and all visitors must sign in at the front office to enter. Safety officers are also on-site to help keep the building secure.

Public Health

Wesley follows the protocols and guidance of our district, who works closely with local and state public health officials to stay abreast of public health guidance. Please see Atlanta Public School guidance related to: Monkeypox and Covid-19.

Safety Notices

2021 AHERA Notification

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