Teacher Feature: Kayla Osborne

Teacher Feature: Kayla Osborne
Nicole Walters

Since she was a child, she always knew she wanted to do something with teaching. When she was younger she would pretend to have a classroom and pass out papers to her imaginary students. As she grew up, she attended the Warren Boys & Girls Club where she developed an even bigger passion for teaching. At the Boys & Girls Club“There, “I was able to tutor children younger than me and eventually, I got a job there as a learning center youth development professional,” she explains. 

Today, this little girl with a dream is Kayla Osborne, one of our 1st Grade teachers here at Wesley.

Ms. Osborne began teaching at Wesley in 2019. She found Wesley through a residency program, CREATE, where she had the opportunity to choose three schools at which she would be interested in teaching. When she interviewed for Wesley they hired her that same day! 

“I was so excited and thankful to have secured a teaching career two weeks before graduating,” shares Ms. Osborne. 

She has thoroughly enjoyed teaching 1st grade where her students impress her every day. 

“The students at that age are the most lovable, funniest, hardworking little beings. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of their foundation of life learning,” she says. 

She hopes that her students walk away from her classroom with a sense of independence and growth both academically and personally. She wants them to succeed in everything they do in the future! In the meantime, she and her students have built bonds that will last a lifetime. Her students often joke around with her and it has resulted in some funny memories. 

“My students know how much I love seafood, especially crab legs, so it shows how much they care when they tell me, ‘I’m going to ask my mom can I bring you some crab legs’, or ‘I’m going to save you some crab legs.’ It’s been so many funny stories and inspiring moments this school year,” she laughs.

When thinking about her favorite thing about teaching at Wesley, Ms. Osborne shares that she loves that it is a place to meet and build relationships with wonderful people. She really appreciates the other teachers' support. 

Outside of school, Ms. Osborne enjoys hanging out with her friends and family. She also likes to do a little photography in her spare time for extra money. 

Our Wesley family greatly appreciates everything Ms. Osborne has done for each staff and student. Thank you for your hard work, Ms. Osborne!