Staff Feature: Sonya Lowe

Staff Feature: Sonya Lowe
Nicole Walters

Ms. Lowe had a long journey of teaching before she came to Wesley. “Prior to coming to Wesley, I had been teaching in Middle Georgia at Miller Elementary since 2004. Prior to that, I was at Brookdale and Union Elementary in Macon,” explains Ms. Lowe. She decided to move back to Atlanta because she wanted to be closer to her parents as they got older. 

When she came to Atlanta, she started to look for a school in the area. When she found Wesley, she interviewed with the principal at the time and was hired on the spot. “The rest is history,” jokes Ms. Lowe. 

She began teaching at Wesley as a 5th-grade teacher and taught that grade for about four years. However, this year she felt the urge to do something different, “This year, I took a chance to step out of the classroom and applied for and moved up to a position as the MYP PBIS Coordinator,” she says. “In this position, I encourage positivity and recognition of teachers and students who do the right thing. I work with teachers on positive reinforcements.” 

She enjoys this role because she gets to contact Wesley parents and tell them good news. She shares that parents say the calls are a welcome change. She explains, “Hearing that relief in a parent’s voice once I tell them why I’m calling, makes my day.”

Ms. Lowe also enjoys seeing the shock on students' faces when she gets to pull them aside to attend celebrations. 

When asked about what she enjoys most about Wesley, she exclaims that it is the atmosphere. “The people are great and everyone is so supportive,” she says. 

When Ms. Lowe is not celebrating her students, she likes to travel and spend time with her family. We are so glad to have you, Ms. Lowe, and we are so grateful for your hard work and dedication to not only the school but to the Wesley community!