Staff Feature: Rickeela Hudson

Staff Feature: Rickeela Hudson
Nicole Walters

You’ve certainly talked to her if you have a student at Wesley. While her role is often behind the scenes, Rickeela Hudson’s work is integral to a strong Wesley community! As the Registrar, she is responsible for enrolling new and current students. She is also the gatekeeper of school records for all students. 

She says her journey to Wesley results from someone seeing something in her she didn't see in herself. "Growing up as a child, I played school faithfully," she says. Her mom jokes with her saying she believed she would become a teacher because of how much she "played school." When she was introduced to Wesley through the Executive Director her passion for working in a school setting came to life. She started at Wesley as the Front Office Manager. 

Ms. Hudson says what she enjoys most about Wesley is how the entire staff cares about the students, their families, and the community. "From the minute you enter the doors, you are loved," she says, "We are like one big family supporting our students and families." 

Outside of Wesley, she enjoys entertaining her family and friends. She loves to shop and vacation. 

We appreciate the vital work you do to help each Wesley Phoenix rise and the joy you bring to the community, Ms. Hudson!