Staff Feature: Meet Dr. Edwards

Staff Feature: Meet Dr. Edwards
Nicole Walters

We are so excited to give you a chance to get to know PYP Assistant Principal Dr. Raymond Edwards a little better! 2022-23 is his first year at Wesley. Dr. Edwards says he learned of Wesley several years ago when the son of one of his mentors was a student here. “The school offering a Chinese program to students throughout the city was very unique and intriguing,” he said, “so when I saw the opportunity to join the staff late last school year, I could not pass on it.”

His journey to becoming an educator began after reading Jonathon Kozol's book The Shame of the Nation while in undergraduate studies at Morehouse. “This book highlighted in one of the chapters some of the educational disparities in the Bronx, NY neighborhood where my mother grew up,” he said. “After reading this book, I gained a deeper understanding of the power of quality education, and I wanted to play a role in offering that to children across the country.”

In his role as PYP Assistant Principal, Dr. Edwards supports Principal Goodman in carrying out her vision for the school. He makes sure teachers in kindergarten through fifth-grade classrooms “have what they need to provide high-quality instruction to their students, helping them establish classroom culture so all students feel safe to learn, and maintaining a strong line of communication with our parents.”

Dr. Edwards says he loves that he gets to interact with every student K-5. “I hope I influence them to be excellent in their lives,” he said. “I hope all PYP students develop a deep sense of dignity about themselves and will carry themselves in a manner that brings pride to their families and communities. This of course extends to their academic achievement, but also their character, service to others, and contribution to our society.”

Outside of his role here at Wesley, he spends his free time reading or listening to podcasts. You might also find him trying many of the great restaurants around the city with his wife and children. He told us he is a huge sports fan, “namely of the 6x Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots (28-3).”

“I love meeting new people,” said Dr. Edwards, “so please feel free to stop me and speak if you see me around.” We hope you will take him up on that offer and get to know him. We’re grateful for the excellence you bring to Wesley, Dr. Edwards!