Spotlight on IB Ambassadors

Spotlight on IB Ambassadors
Nicole Walters

The IB (International Baccalaureate) Ambassadors program was a dream of Richard Pavone when he was the IB Coordinator in the 2019-20 school year. Quarantine delayed its start, but Jatoyia Armour and Teri Fetiere revamped the program this year, and the dream became a reality. Their goal was to “create a leadership program that K-3 students could look forward to joining and that 4-8 grade students work hard to be a part of,” says Ms. Fetiere. “Our IB Ambassadors are a representation of Wesley, and we want students to look at them as leaders and strive to be a part of the program.” 

IB Ambassadors represent the Wesley Way, aiming to consistently embody the IB learner profiles. They should always work to be their best selves even when no one is watching. “A huge part of IB is collaboration and allowing the students the chance to lead their own learning,” says Fetiere. “As Ambassadors, students have the chance to work directly with their peers in all grade levels. As we continue to grow as a program, they will also have the opportunity to create and lead their own programs that they feel are important for their peers. Part of being an Ambassador is doing your best to consistently embody the IB learner profiles.”

2022 IB Student Ambassadors

Ambassadors are involved in several responsibilities around the school including: hallway and carpool patrol, school tours, serving on the uniform committee, and helping out with school events like Kindness Week and College and Career Week. The goal is to expand the program to even more roles and responsibilities next year. 

“We want students to have a sense of responsibility to their school community,” says Ms. Fetiere, hoping students will also gain needed leadership skills through the program to prepare them for the next phase of their lives.

As the program continues to grow, we will be looking for future Ambassadors, and students can work toward this opportunity now! Applications for the 2022-23 school year are coming soon. If someone is interested in being an Ambassador, they should do their best in class and stay on top of their assignments. They should also continue to exhibit those qualities they've learned from the IB learner profiles. Congrats to this year’s class of IB Ambassadors! 

Check out some more photos in the gallery below of our wonderful 2021-22 Ambassadors