Health and Safety at Wesley

Health and Safety continue to be a priority for Wesley International Academy. 

We take care of each other.

Health and Safety continue to be a priority for Wesley International Academy. We are beginning to see the impacts of the highly contagious new strain of Covid-19. Although masks are currently not mandated, we highly encourage your students to come to school with a mask to prevent the spread of infection. 

We Protect Each Other

We will continue offering COVID-19 testing once per week. Testing is now optional for all staff and students. Additionally, we have changed our time and procedure. Testing will now occur on Fridays after 1 pm. A member of Viral Solutions will be coming around to each classroom and testing those who sign up outside the door.

If you are interested in signing up, please do so on their website. To withdraw consent, please email

We will continue to follow CDC guidelines for isolation and quarantine:

  • Individuals exposed to a positive COVID-19 should follow quarantine guidelines to determine whether they need to stay at home.


  • Close contacts who are unvaccinated, not up to date on their vaccines, and have COVID-19 exposure at school can test twice a week instead of being in quarantine at home. You can choose to get the tests on your own and provide documentation to school or you can sign up here to have a Wesley employees administer a Covid swab twice during the quarantine period. Please note this is different than the previous consent used with Viral Solutions so please make sure you fill it out!


  • Students and staff who test positive or have a COVID-19 exposure must complete a self-report form.


Stay Safe

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