Creative Arts

We value the arts and believe in the importance of music and visual art education. 

Students have the opportunity to participate in music, visual art, and drama during their time at Wesley. 

We seek to provide a learning environment that encourages creativity and welcomes inquiry, to expand cultural awareness and worldview of our students through music and the arts, and to cultivate a desire for all students to strive for excellence. Music, art, and drama classes offer the opportunity to pursue these goals.


PYP Music

All PYP students study music weekly and perform in a recital. Kids learn to sing songs and to perform in an Orff ensemble. Orff instruction focuses on a variety of percussion instruments, such as xylophones and glockenspiels. Students learn how to read and write music. They also explore world music and cultures on multiple continents, as well as how music interfaces with culture. Wesley instruction also incorporates Chinese and African drums into PYP music. 

MYP Chorus

All 6th-8th grade students participate in chorus one quarter each year. They learn about vocal technique and performance. Each 9-week session culminates in a recital.

MYP General Music

Wesley offers an MYP course focused on world music and cultures. Students learn about different musical styles throughout the globe and participate in research on different genres and instruments. Students prepare presentations to share their research with their peers. This General Music course explores music and floats of Brazil’s Carnival. Students also learn to read music.

Wesley Art

Students study visual art for 9-weeks each year. The instruction is differentiated for each age group, exploring topics like perspective, color, drawing technique, and more. Students create projects to experiment with new techniques and present to classmates.

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