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Wesley’s mission is to develop in students the discipline of learning and a lifelong desire for knowledge. We are so proud when we see Wesley Phoenix putting this desire for knowledge to work in the community. Today we are featuring 4th grader Caeli Avery—student and business owner!

Caeli became interested in starting her own business after learning about goods and services in Ms. Jeffries’ 2nd grade class. Inspired by her mom, also a business owner, she decided to use what she learned about goods and services to start a lemonade stand. She created a business plan and purchased a logo and other business items. Then, she launched Caeli’s Cool Chemistry Lemonade Stand on her 8th birthday in April 2019.

Caeli’s business aims to enrich organic education and activities for youth in the community. They run events and deliveries around Atlanta.

Let’s hear a little from Caeli about what it is like to run a business.

Q. Who helped you along the way?

My parents, friends, family, and local businesses have been my biggest supporters along the way.

Q. What is the “chemistry” part of the lemonade stand? 

The chemistry part of “Caeli’s Cool Chemistry Lemonade Stand” is the mixture and infusion of all organic ingredients such as the lemons, sugar, fruits, and vegetables in the lemonade.

Q. What do you like best about running your own business? What is the most difficult? 

The best part about running my own business is creating chemistry when I am mixing the ingredients, the chemistry I experience when meeting new people [kinetic energy], hearing the feedback on how my customers say “It’s the BEST LEMONADE EVER!” and how I enhance my business and math skills at every event.

However, the most difficult part of owning my business is making the product. It is homemade, and it is a timely process to squeeze the lemons and infuse the other fruits and vegetables. Another difficult part of my business is that most of my business events are held during the summer months, when temperatures are 80 degrees and above. I am outside, so it can get very uncomfortable for me, hosting 3-5-hour events. Luckily, I have other employees that help with my business events, like my mom, friends, and family.

Q. What do you hope your business accomplishes or what do you want people to take away from what you do?

I hope that my business globally inspires and motivates others around the world and that my customers leave every “Caeli’s Cool Chemistry Lemonade Stand” experience following their dreams. Last, I hope to enrich organic education and activities for youth in my community and around the world, so they will eat and live healthier lives.

What an amazing job, Caeli!

You can reach out to Caeli’s Cool Chemistry Lemonade Stand and watch for her upcoming events on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can catch Caeli on Youtube as well!