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Summer is a great time to read! 2020 will be our fifth summer of reading and we are striving for 100% participation. Summer Reading helps to keep students’ brains active during June and July. It also gives students a platform to bond with classmates on the first day of school. Everyone in the class will have read the same book and will be able to share and discuss their opinions. The books were chosen based on reading levels, curriculum, and/or social related content. We also made sure to choose books that would be enjoyable for the students.

Below are links to the 2020 grade-level lists, accompanying assignments, and rubrics. Happy reading!

-Mrs. Tomlin and Dr. Dukes

PYP Summer Reading:

This year all students of Wesley will read within the theme “to overcome.” Kindergarten through 5th Grade students should complete three activities from the choice board in the summer reading packet and record their summer reading on the Summer Reading Record. A completed record, including a parent signature, should be returned to your child’s homeroom teacher on the first day of school.

WIA Summer Reading 2020

MYP Summer Reading:

Over the next few months, we want you to enjoy your summer and give you an opportunity to keep thinking about things that are happening in and outside of your world. Your teachers believe that you can do this by reading some exciting books!

Rising 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students are required to read two books. Below is the information about the assignments. Book 1 is assigned to all students. Book 2 is a book of your choice within your Lexile score. The summer assignments are due August 31.

Reach out to Dr. Dukes or Dr. Pullen with any questions. For more details on how to select a book within your Lexile score, click here. Happy reading!