An International Baccalaureate World Programme School

Please join us as we congratulate the following 6th grade Science Fair participants who earned Silver Awards at the district science fair.

Lily and Lucinda: They used the guiding question, “How does water vary in pH, Alk, FCl (free chroline), and Total Chlorine by source location?” Lily and Lucy collected 48 samples of water from various sources around the country and used testing strips to estimate the amount of each item. The collection of samples included 14 samples of tap water, 14 samples of naturally sourced water, and 20 samples from another source. Overall, they collected water from 5 different states including California, Iowa, Ohio, and Missouri.

Sr’Riyah: Using the guiding question, “Which diaper brand will absorb the most water?” Sr’Riyah conducted an experiment to test the absorbancy of various diaper brands. As a new older sister, Sr’Riyah acquired various diaper brands including Hello Bello, Parent’s Choice, Pampers, and Luvs, and tested their absorbancy by incrementally pouring water in the diapers to see which diaper would leak first.

We’re so proud of these students for their hard work and ingenuity. Way to go!