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Ms. Cloyd’s 3rd grade class had a unique lesson on archaeology this week. They excavated chocolate chip cookies!

Students put scientific theory into practice by making predictions before the experiment began. They estimated about how many chocolate chips they would find in the cookie, based on their observations. They practiced writing their own hypothesis, as well as their plan or method for dissecting their chocolate chip cookie.
Students were then each given one chocolate chip cookie to dissect. They used toothpicks as their tools, working to extract the chocolate chips from the cookies. They were careful to extract the entire chocolate chip without breaking it apart in order to maintain the integrity of their fossils. At the end of their experiment, they wrote a summary of the results that they found.
Their current class science unit is about fossils, so students had the chance to put into practice what they learned about how paleontologists find and recover fossils and how they use their findings to make claims about our planet’s history. “It was so much fun to see the students truly embody being a scientist while making predictions,” said Ms. Cloyd. “They were giving each other tips and tricks about how best to extract the chocolate chips. It was great to see them be so successful with the activity.”
See the scientists in action in this fun glimpse inside Ms. Cloyd’s class: