An International Baccalaureate World Programme School

“I’ve been to Germany before, but I’m really excited for the kids to visit a country that’s completely different. In Germany, you can still see some semblances of US culture. In China, it’s very different,” Ms. Streeter, a 7th grade Math Teacher, mused when asked about the China Summer Programme.

She noted that she’s looking forward to taking the students abroad for twenty-eight days. “Nine of the twelve students I’ve taught two different times. I’m excited to take them and have a different experience with them beyond the classroom.” When asked how students have been feeling about the trip she said, “They’re timid. It’s far from their parents and a pretty long trip.” Still, she expressed great excitement. “I can’t wait for us all to see Shanghai. It’s the sort of place you read about but few people get to go.”

She sees the trip as a chance to broaden students’ horizons and perspectives on the world. Recognizing the challenge of being in a foreign place, Ms. Streeter expects to encourage the kids as they explore a distinct culture, an different language, and unfamiliar food. She hopes that the students will be able to apply lessons learned abroad at home.

“Mostly, I want the students to realize that they can blaze their own trails. I want them to see that they don’t have do what everyone else around them is doing, because people all over the world live differently. They can be confident in finding unique ways of doing things.”

We’re grateful for Ms. Streeter’s commitment to students’ holistic growth. We’re excited to see what students come back with from this year’s China Summer Programme.