An International Baccalaureate World Programme School

We were happy to send  D’Sean Hallers (center in photo above) to the APS-wide Spelling Bee on February 5th. The seventh grader stood onstage for the 58th Annual APS Bee — we were so proud to have him representing Wesley! He breezed through the first round, but the second one knocked him out.

The Spelling Bee experience was a great one for D’Sean was great, even if he didn’t get to go home with a trophy. Some of those close to him have even noticed him incorporating the words he studied into everyday conversation. This kind of growth demonstrates the true heart of the Spelling Bee — to celebrate and encourage literacy and fluency in kids.

Wesley is glad to be a part of the growing district-wide event. “Each year, it grows in attendance,” one literacy coordinator remarked according to the APS Blog.