An International Baccalaureate World Programme School

Donica Johnson was a big fan of Perry Mason and Matlock. The two television lawyers even inspired her desire to pursue a law degree one day, or so she thought. As time went by, she found herself in an elementary classroom, helping a young girl with reading. It was a life-changing moment for her. “I saw that lightbulb come on for her,” Johnson says. “I saw how investing in a child could unlock their potential, and it gave me the deepest sense of satisfaction I had ever experienced.” This moment stands out as Johnson reflects on how she went on to serve in different capacities with children before ultimately pursuing her Master’s in Teaching.

After starting out in nonprofit work, Ms. Johnson began teaching in DeKalb County. She worked there for seven years before coming to Wesley as a K-2 Instructional Coach and later transitioned to the Assistant Principal position. She has been at Wesley for eight years and is transitioning to Dean of Students and Director of School Services. “I think it’s important for any individual to step outside their four walls and learn about what’s beyond,” says Johnson. “With IB education at Wesley, we have a big advantage in shaping students to be globally-minded. I believe deeply in our mission and values.”

When she’s not at Wesley, Ms. Johnson spends time with her husband and two sons. Her kids are very involved in sports, and their family spends time together traveling to tournaments on the weekends.

So what about her dreams to become a lawyer? Well, Johnson says she still harbors a deep passion for criminal law shows on TV. But it’s clear she’s found her home in education. “Every child has the ability to learn and to be great,” she says. “We have the tools to help them get there, and I want to be a part of it.”