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Yes, it’s true. Many of us cringe at the mention of the words standardized testing. But whether those words uncover fond memories of childhood or thoughts of dreaded #2 pencils and scantrons, we’ve learned to “embrace” the existence of standard testing as a reality of contemporary education. As we approach testing next month, here are some tips that can help ease stress and anxiety for parents and students alike:

Tip #1: Use positive, but not excessive reinforcement 
In the weeks leading up to testing, acknowledge that it’s coming up and remind your child that he/she is well prepared from his/her studies all year. While it is important to mention standardized testing so as to prepare your child, extensive conversation about testing may have the opposite effect of conjuring anxiety in certain children.

Tip #2: Stick with your usual, healthly routine
Children thrive on routines. Try to stick with your usual bedtime and morning routine. Make sure your child gets enough sleep, eats a healthy breakfast, and has any materials he/she needs for the exam (ask the teacher). Avoid making special plans the night before the test. Instead, plan a surprise fun activity for the evening after your child finishes his/her exams.

Tip #3: Teach positive self talk
Teach your child to use affirmations, or positive self-talk, to turn his/her thinking around from debilitating negative thoughts. offers these examples of affirmations for kids to repeat in their heads while taking deep breaths before and during tests:

  • “I am calm, focused, and smart.”
  • “I have studied and I am prepared.”
  • “I calmly trust my knowledge.”
  • “I am doing the best I can, and my best is terrific.”
  • “When angry or stressed, I take deep, slow breaths.”
  • “I remember to breathe deeply during my tests.”


Tip #1: Arrive on time.
Tip #2: Stay focused and relaxed.
Tip #3: Sit comfortably.
Tip #4: Expect and accept a little bit of stress.
Tip #5: Read the directions.
Tip #6: Pace yourself.
Tip #7: Don’t rush.
Tip #8: Don’t get distracted.
Tip #9: Focus on the stuff you know.
Tip #10: Use all your time. Go back to check your work.

To view these tips in detail, visit the following sites:

Testing Dates

3rd Grade – April 12-14
4th Grade – April 17-19
5th Grade – April 12-14, 17-18
6th Grade – April 19-21
7th Grade – April 12-14
8th Grade – April 12- 14, 17-18

If you have any questions about the upcoming Georgia Milestones, please reach out to your child’s teacher or contact Donica Johnson (PYP Assistant Principal) or Alastair Pullen (MYP Assistant Principal).