Welcome to Wesley International Academy!

International Baccalaureate. Single Gender Education. Mandarin Chinese.

These elements comprise the distinctive features of our school. Each day, we maintain a singular focus on preparing students to be globally minded and conscientious about the world they inhabit – while also empowering them to take personal responsibility for effecting productive change in their immediate environments and the world.

WIA Full Year Calendar 2014-2015

Join WIA staff for a Spaghetti dinner, Title I Annual Meeting and an informational session about special programs available at Wesley International Academy.

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The 2014-2015 Red Thread Fund will advance academic and classroom enrichment for our students, support teacher and parent recommended initiatives and enhance the learning environment. The primary focus will be on IB enrichment and resources, IB training and education for teachers, students, administration and WIA families.

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Strength in Diversity

Strength in Diversity

Where cultural diversity is lacking in many schools today, such is not the case at Wesley.